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Sailing Coaching

Coaching makes all the difference!

It’s not about telling people how to do it, coaching is the art of facilitating the learning process, leading to improved performance and success. It identifies choices and raises self-awareness.

I can help you find your own solutions, develop your skills and change attitudes and behaviours. A coaching session will close the gap between your current position and your potential.

Areas supported:

Group Sailing Coaching
Daily Plan:
Timing Aim Comments
08:00 Meet & Coffee Introductory chat and get together, teams should arrived ready to sail. All crew should attend.
09:00 Briefing Outline of the day’s plan and morning session aims.
09:45 Dock out ASAP
10:00 Course sailing Morning session as briefed.
12:00 Back to dock Lunch.
12:45 Morning session debrief and afternoon session briefing Key learning points. Afternoon aims & objectives.
13:30 Dock out ASAP
14:00 Sailing the course As briefed.
16:30 Back to marina ASAP
17:00 Debrief Videos (if relevant), key points, next steps and questions.
18:00 Relax Relaxed individual discussions and/or departure.

One to One Sailing Support

Whatever your role within the team, performance comes with challenges, frustration, stress and a multitude of other emotions. We can all benefit from an impartial pair of ears.

Allocating time for one to one support, schedules and demands can be considered, and potential challenges identified and resolved. Pinpointing key goals and agreeing steps required is key for success.

‘One to One’ service is designed to empower and will assist the development of confidence and organisational skills. Pinpointing key goals and discussing the steps required to help achieve them is also key for success.

Areas of support include:

Transitional Support

Transitions are something we all face, a lot more than we would like to admit.

Speaking to an impartial person in a a non-judgemental and safe environment, gives you the space to think clearly and objectively, ask for advice and create supportive networks that can help you through changes and challenges.

Transitional support session can be a specific one off session, or a longer term discussion and development. The more work directed in transition, the less support needed long term.

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